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Green Home Electronics
Green home electronics are not new; the concept has been around since at least the 1970s. In fact, Thomas Edison’s rival, the little-known but far more brilliant Nikola Tesla was experimenting with technologies over a century ago that today’s manufacturers of energy efficient electronics are only now beginning to rediscover and understand. (What a different place the world would be today if Tesla had been taken more seriously!)
From intelligent thermostats and systems that shut down the lights when people leave the room to automated security systems that allow homeowners to watch over their property from remote locations via the World Wide Web, there are green electronic solutions for almost every home issue.
Rising Awareness
Despite the information put out by the mainstream media, people are increasingly understanding that we live on a planet with finite resources – and through the increased use of energy efficient electronics, are taking matters into their own hands where their leaders have failed. It is easy today to find a plethora of energy efficient electronics for almost every need imaginable. The advantage of these green electronic solutions are twofold: they enable consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by saving energy while at the same time reduce their energy costs.
One of the most popular systems is the intelligent thermostat that controls the temperature and comfort levels of rooms individually, automatically compensating for various times of the day and other parameters. Just having an intelligent thermostat in your home can save a family hundreds of dollars a year. In addition, these types of energy efficient electronics can even provide reports of your energy consumption levels, making it easier to identify were resources are being wasted.
Other energy saving electronics can be installed that control lighting, drapes and curtains and virtually anything else you can think of.
Such green home electronics are not only for the inside, of course; green electronic solutions that control sprinkler system and exterior lighting systems in response to changing conditions are also increasingly popular. If you are building a new home or renovating a new one, you owe it to yourself and the planet to see what kinds are available today.

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